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UFO Sighting of Saucer Shape UFO releasing green orbs NY

Location: Intersection of 112th Street and Northern Blvd., Corona (Queens) NY I was driving westbound on Northern Blvd. I was stopped at a red light. I looked up and noticed light rays shining down from a light source behind a dark cloud. Below that I noticed a large faint flat “saucer” like UFO. From that UFO Sighting a bright green orb was released. This orb can be seen very clearly in the video.

A bird seemed to have approached the orb at one point before quickly veering away from it. I pulled over briefly and continued to film after the light turned green. The orb lingered in my field of vision for a while. It almost seemed as if it knew I was filming, following my camera as it moved. I stopped filming because I eventually became frightened by the fact that the orb continued to linger in front of me inexplicably. I wanted to leave the area as soon possible and drove away. Date: of UFO Sighting occurred on Monday July 22, 2019 Time: 3:35 pm video not available/nuforc.org

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