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UFO Sighting Military Activity reported over Chandler & Tempe Arizona

Arizona Map UFO Sighting reported

Chandler AZ 3/16/17 I saw 3 bright red lights flying in a triangular formation very low to the ground and in complete silence. The UFOs were very low to the ground and heading west over Chandler. The Red UFOs would move closer to one another and then further apart while maintaining a triangular pattern varying from equilateral, to isosceles, to scalene, in nature. The frequency at which these lights were blinking were mutually exclusive.

They all seemed to make up part of a whole, but they were emanating light on their own accord with complete autonomy. I immediately ruled out radar on a commercial aircraft because of the nature of the blinking of these UFOs. After a minute, they disappeared out of my line of vision. Shortly after, 2 helicopters appeared to give chase to whatever this thing was.

Tempe AZ 3/16/17 Unusual military helicopter activity over east Phoenix, AZ, valley. 3-16-17. 8:12 pm. Two military helicopters flying rectangular paths around the East Valley of Phoenix AZ. Lead aircraft was a Cobra with lots of armor looking items hanging off each side of the aircraft. Second helicopter was a military type, id unknown, passenger type. Both aircraft were painted in a light gray color. nuforc.org

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