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UFO Sighting large morphing white light that became smaller and then flew west 7/15/10

UFO Sighting over Halifax CA 7/15/16

My first incident happened between midnight and 1:00 am on July 15 or 16th, 2010. (The late evening of July 14th or 15th) on Green Bay Rd. Lunenburg county NS. I had recently moved back home to the Bridgewater area from Halifax, and me and my friend had decided to grab coffee and head down to the beach and catch up on conversation. When we arrived at Green Bay we drove to the last turning point on the road, and parked in the parking area, my car facing roughly East towards the beach and bay. When we were driving along the road we were talking about space, the stars, other life, the universe, etc. And when we parked we were both looking up and out our rolled down windows at the stars. There was a very brief flash in the sky towards the south, I only really seen it in my peripheral vision and it was fast. He had a more direct view and said ‘did you see that flash’ which I replied, ‘sort of’, and really didn't think much about it as in my mind it could have logically been many different things. We then stood outside the car and continued our conversation. He had his back against the drivers door, and I was facing him, looking south. I'd estimate roughly 5-10 minutes had passed since we seen the very brief flash, when suddenly to the south, in the sky it just appeared. I pointed telling him to look, he turned around and seen it. It was this large morphing ball of light or energy just stationary in the sky. The light was what I describe as very ‘dense’ in that it was just like very definitive, non transparent, and non luminous around the UFO. Yet the light was incredibly bright. The UFOs light was white, maybe with a very slight blueish tint, and the UFO had very definitive edges, yet it was always changing shape in a sort of energized looking way. The UFO sighting was about the size of a full moon. These very odd characteristics made judging it's distance very hard, but I would guess it was at least a few hundred feet in the sky, and maybe a few kilometers out over the ocean to the south. Putting it roughly East of the cherry hill area. Me and my friend were absolutely blown away but what we were watching. I remember saying ‘look! Look!’. After roughly 15-20 seconds, the object stopped being so dense and intense, and shrunk to about the size and brightness of a big bright star, and then started to move towards the West and maybe North West basically parallel to earth. Do to its distance, it seemed to be moving at an incredible rate of speed. After it traveled to our right (westward) about 10 seconds or so, it seemed to start to head upwards, towards space, and start to fade very quickly. I said ‘I lost it’ He said ‘I still see it… now it's gone.’ I was blown away with excitement, but he was terrified, demanding we leave that very minute and go straight home. It was a very hard to describe, yet intense thing to see. On the way home we talked about it. We came to a somewhat fitting conclusion to the events we seen. It very much seemed as though there was something over the ocean, that had started to do some sort of charging or energizing, starting with a brief flash. After the intense charging phase was over, the UFO then seemed to use that energy to begin to fly, and leave earth. I know our theory is just that, and that whatever it was could have been doing a million other things than what we concluded, but one thing for sure is what we seen was something. Due to the many variables. Being the UFO was stationary, then moving, being huge, then much smaller, the shape, density, speed, timing, and the brief flash that preceded it all, it was truly something unexplainable, that i will never forget. After that night, my friend would not talk to anyone including myself about what we seen, because he was so terrified. He has however briefly confirmed that we seen something that night when I confronted him in front of others that were curious of the story. mufon cms# 80897.. 7/15/10

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