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UFO Sighting large Moon sized super bright UFO with very colorful rings

Anheim CA Large White UFO Sighting reported 4-6-17

UFO Sighting of a Bright White UFO in the sky with a smaller orb darting and bouncing off of it. The small orb made very drastic sharp turns and flew across the sky at lightening speed. The larger UFO Sighting was about 5 times brighter than the moon had a very colorful ring around it that was Green, gold,purple, violet, yellow and pink. There was also a horizontal line of smoke (like a contrail) directly underneath the UFO. I did not hear any sounds. It was 11:32 PM on April 06, 2017, right outside my front door of my apartment. I stepped outside to have my last cigarette for the evening before going to bed. I first spotted the lightly glowing orb UFO in the sky about 10 feet high from the horizon to the southwest direction from me. I ran in the apartment and grabbed my Alcatel Firce 5 cell phone. I took a couple of pictures and a short video. If I would have known how strange it would turn out to look I would have taken a longer video. At first view, it looks like a full moon with a moth in the shot. However, that discounts what I saw up in the sky. Also the moon was on the other side of the roof line of my apartment to the East of where I was standing. The faintly glowing UFO orb continued in my direction until it reached the large bright, multicolored UFO. I couldn't believe the speed and right angle turned this UFO was making. Anyway, after a few seconds of filming, I thought it's probably nothing that odd and went inside. I then looked at the pictures and video and was amazed at what my cell phone had captured. I then text my sister and Aunt a copy of the pictures. After trying all night, I never did figure out how to text a copy of the video. Since then, I have watched the UFO video countless times and still can't understand what I'm seeing. I have pressed play, then as quick as I can, press pause, in an effort to get a frame by frame shot. Once paused, I take a screen  shot of the paused image of the video. I don't have a computer or tablet or anything. I just bought a printer and have figured out I can print pictures directly from my cell phone. mufon cms# 86364 UFO Sighting occurred over Anheim CA on April 6th 2017.

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