UFO Sighting large craft & separate red lights in the early morning Rochester NY 1/5/17

UFO Sighting Rochester NY 1/5/17

Driving 490 West on the East side of the Genesee River, I first noticed a formation of white lights, as if the UFO had multiple lights, brighter white lights on the outside with smaller white lights outlining what looked to be a large UFO. I could not see the UFO, only the white lights. The lights were unmoving, unwavering and not blinking.

Prior to this, while driving through Fairport, I had seen a moving UFO, which looked similar, however I dismissed it as an airplane, as it was flying in the direction of the airport.

Shortly after sighting this larger UFO, I noticed several, I was driving so couldn't really stare at them, but there were a minimum of 10 bright red UFO lights in the sky to the south of the highway, sporadically hanging in the sky. They were intensely bright and some were moving around. Visually they looked like a column of red lights there were simply not in a row, and they ranged from close to the rooftops to well into the sky. nuforc UFO Sighting web report here

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