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UFO Sighting hovering 25-30 feet above cars

At first glance UFO Sighting looked like a drone. But after a few days I decided to take videos of it and when I replay the video frame by frame and zoomed in I can clearly see it is not a plane or a drone. UFO Sighting also interact with me and feed off of my excitement. Usually there is only one UFO but there have been up to 4 appear in the sky surrounding my apartment complex. At the highest elevation is has a very slow path left and right and almost looks like a plane. At the lowest elevation it has shot up from behind the trees behind my apartment complex (by the pond) and it is illuminated gold and sounds loud like a rocket, leaves a small trail of gold looking light behind it and then it plateaus to a hover and continues over the garages of my apartment building. I have seen it hover above a moving car and slightly disappear and reappear. They have come as close as 20 feet away from me while hovering 25-30 feet above the cars in the parking lot. I have a lot of video I'd love to share! I have seen this craft in 3 forms. Large gold humming/rocket, disc like flashing craft, and at its closest to myself it has appear as a small blinking red light to which I cannot tell is behind the light. mufon cms# 109566 Comstock Park Michigan 6-18-20 Region has had 3,515 Reported UFO Sightings reported to date. No Video or Photo submitted.

Silver Disk Shaped UFO

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