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UFO Sighting From Another Dimension Palm Coast FL 3-14-14

April 27, 2017

UFO Sighting From Another Dimension Palm Coast FL 3-14-14

Me and 2 close room mates were all at home and decided to go walk to where one alleged to be a spot where he would frequently witness odd things occur at. It was only a few streets away in a typical township neighborhood. I highly doubted his words and just decided to go on the walk for good health. We got to this "spot" he so highly acclaimed. Thirty seconds into us being there out of no where this long, red and white glowing UFO appears. No audible sound emitting from it or it's direction. It appeared like a train going by when you are in a train terminal. You see square windows pass by rapidly until the train's length passes you and the last car goes by. It was much like that but doing a lot while remaining still. As if it were possibly spinning and making a rotation though we were only seeing it from a flat perspective. Possibly even of a 4th dimensional object that our 3rd dimensional eyes could simply not perceive. Then it did the strangest thing and started to tetra form into these strange shapes while maintaining as one single entity. Shape shifting into many shapes but none I could describe, it did that as it made its way towards the direction bearing east. Then this UFO got so bright and its color became more red and yellowish white and it shot off but left a trail and almost appeared like some kind of nuclear missile with radiation pouring a short lasting trail behind it and it was gone. Personally I have always found the idea of an otherworldly or dimensional life form or UFO craft coming to our solar system and observing our species or resources and found it fascinating. I always thought of it as a ship though. This though I do not believe was a ship or was in our atmosphere. Think of a giant whale that floated through outer space. Some kind of life form obviously not of our dimension and beyond our comprehension. Gigantic and observable from our vantage point. Thats what I believe it was after much time spent dwelling on it. Some living entity "Alien" drifting through deep space or in our general atmosphere that was so large it was able to be seen beyond our atmosphere and the light pollution reflecting off of our atmosphere. I wish I had thought to take a video or picture of this UFO Sighting but I was living in that moment. It was too fascinating to look away. I feared the second I did it would be gone and I did not want to miss a thing. Palm Coast FL UFO Sighting reported to  mufon cms# 83377 on 4/27/17

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