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UFO Sighting experience Why Me?

"Why me?" is a question that many UFO experience individuals ask. It has been said that we are dealing with an intelligence that can access our consciousness, as readily as we access light, by turning on a wall switch.

The intelligence behind the "UFO Sighting" flying saucer phenomenon has extraordinary mental capacities. It has probably interacted with mankind for centuries, if not millennia. I imagine that their presence threatens all terrestrial elites, so they contact us usually one at a time, perhaps so as not to disturb our masters.

Now that networks of contact activists are willfully interacting with the so-called Extra Terrestrial "they," whoever they might be, interact with us in groups.

Many of us feel frightened in the presence of the “visitors.” I've experienced this too, but we are only human and working at night under the stars in groups of experience individuals is reassuring.

The question I ask is not "why me?" but rather, “why not everybody else?” I guess the answer is when "they" decide the time is right. source Joseph Burkes MD

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