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UFO Sighting During Blizzard and Area Blackout

I witnessed a large Unidentified Flying Object coming towards my house down a county road. I thought it was a truck since I saw bright white lights and I was concerned that my husband, who was in the barn outside, was going to collide with it since he had to leave for work. So as I looked outside, I saw the UFO stop coming down the road but instead turned right into our field. at that time, I knew it was not a vehicle because of the large ditch that could not be crossed and the fencing that was in place. As I looked on, the UFO was hovering in the sky, about 100 ft from the ground, and I could see thousands of light blue twinkle lights all over it. The UFO Sighting was hovering near the neighbor's house near our field and started to slowly move west when our barn began to block my view of it. I could not go outside because of the blizzard, so went to another room to try and see it, but I could not find it. I do not know if it landed or sped away. I know it was not anything from here. Nobody would have been flying outside, during a blackout, during a blizzard at 12:am on my property. I never filed anything because my husband said I should not because I could get a bad stigma. I still remember exactly how it looked and all of the events that night; I was going to sketch it but thought that id never forget it, so did not. I am 100% certain it was not from our planet. Mufon CMS# 108800 Eaton Colorado 5/14/20 Region has had 2529 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Disk Shaped UFO Sighting over barn

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