UFO Sighting Direct Communication Military Presence

My youngest son and I witnessed what appeared to be several UFOs, but 1 in particular stood out. UFO Sighting started moving super fast, faster then our eyes could keep up, back and forth, all the while changing colors from bright white to red, to I think green to purple. The overall sighting lasted about 3 hours. Shortly after first seeing the UFO, a military plane came from the direction of Pittsburgh and headed in its direction. As I watched from the ground, I quickly understood that the craft never moved, but more or less "cloaked" itself. It reappeared once the military plane was gone. At one point, I consciously asked (them) to do a certain maneuver to prove they acknowledged me, to which they complied. A short while after that, a 2nd military plane headed towards them. There were several, but only a handful that actually hung around us. Almost like they were positioning themselves for something. I was not scared, but my son was. He's only 8. Later in the night, on 2 different occasions, a red glowing orb looking thing descended closer, like it was monitoring the small fire I had going in my back yard. The energy was intense. I could feel little vibrations pulsating throughout my body. I hope to have another experience like it one day. mufon cms# 116093 Toronto Canada 6/04/21

Military Jets Follow UFO Disk

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