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UFO Sighting Craft approached me flashed and blinded me with light then vanished Ponca City OK

UFO Sighting Ponca City OK

My wife and I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood around our apartment. We left for our walk around 9 pm-10 pm. We started walking on the sidewalk, but it was late and not a busy street so we started to walk in the middle of the road. We walked for around thirty minutes down a couple blocks and started to circle back around to go home. The road we were on at the time was straight but then turned left and continued. We were looking in that directing, west, but were about five houses away from the turn. There is not a house on the turn, but a drainage ditch and a bridge immediately after the turn. On the side of the road there is an abundance of trees. We were looking over the tree tops because there had been a couple airplanes going to the local airport and we were glancing at the stars. Then we heard a sort of low hum. I thought maybe someone had a refrigerator in their garage and it was kicking on. Then my wife took me to look up and I saw what I thought was another airplane or maybe a helicopter. The UFO was about the same distance and location as the airplanes were when they were heading to the airport, but shortly after I noticed those two lights in the distance, the UFO very quickly descended below my line of sight over the trees. Then almost instantly after I saw it disappear, it reappeared. It ascended from behind the trees and looked like it was sitting on top of the trees. I hovered there for about 5 seconds. It had the shape of a football, like an oval. It was dark and there was only one or two street lights around, so I did not notice any specific colors except it was dark, maybe black and gray. Like graphite. Then the UFO flashed an incredibly bright blue/white light at me and my wife. The light blinded us and stunned us. I remember after that I looked down and away and closed my eyes. My hands went to my eyes to shield myself and then the light was gone. So I rubbed my eyes because they hurt from the light. I opened my eyes but my vision was very blurry and I saw balls of light like you normally would after looking at a light for a while or at the sun. After probably fifteen seconds my vision came back and so did my wife's and we looked up and the UFO was gone. I felt dizzy and kind of sick, like I was nauseous. I was also disoriented and did not exactly know where I was at first. My wife said it was a UFO but I was skeptical. I thought it was a helicopter with a search light. But after I said that I realized it couldn't be that. A helicopter would not just ascend like that out of nowhere and disappear. And it was almost silent. So I then thought maybe it was a UFO. I had seen television and events like this and that some had time missing. So I said to my wife maybe we have missing time. It was still dark so I did not think so but I checked anyways. I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket and I would not come on at first. But after pressing the button a couple of times it came on and it showed the time was around 12:30 am. I first thought we were walking a long time, then I realized we hadn't been. We lost around one in a half to two hours. I didn't remember exactly where we were when we first saw the UFO, but after I looked around and we were on the same street and in the same relative area. After that we went straight home. MUFON CMS# 78727 10/20/15

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