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UFO Sighting Contact Research Study being conducted 21916

UFO Contact Study 2016

UFO News The Late DR.Edgar Mitchel UFO Sighting Contact Research Foundation

Our FREE Experiencer Research Study is the world’s first comprehensive multi-lingual academic research study on individuals who have had UFO Sighting related contact with non human intelligence. The objective of our research study is, for the first time, to have comprehensive statistical, cross tabulated data findings about the phenomena of UFO Sighting related Contact as well as qualitative data from hundreds of open ended questions and from a formal structured interviews. This study is being conducted in numerous languages and supervised by a team of researchers from each language. We expect to have an initial publication of our preliminary findings by the Spring of 2017. All of our data will be placed in the public domain in our new FREE Website, EXPERIENCER.ORG, to be used by all researchers and the public.

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