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UFO Sighting cloudy day abnormal cloud formations appearing suddenly Brooklyn New York 10/9/16

UFO Sighting New York City October 2016 Disk Shape

It is a very cloudy day, with some abnormal cloud formations appearing suddenly and moving very quickly in the foreground. My girlfriend and I were looking at some odd cloud formations that seemed out of the ordinary to us, and they were moving VERY quickly. I was looking further across where the cloud came from and then I saw another cloud coming that was similar to the one we had initially seen. This cloud, however, seemed to grow in size significantly as it left our view. At this time, I noticed a small black dot which I had first nearly disregarded as being a bird. Upon closer inspection of it, I noticed that it had a light that blinked, which then made me think it must be a plane, but I noticed that there were no wings whatsoever, and then I saw the glint of the sun off of the right side of it revealing it as a perfect sphere. 

I tried to point it out to my girlfriend, but before I could get her eyes on it it had moved behind a tree out of sight. I have never reported nor SEEN what I believe to be a UFO and I am a Marine Corps veteran, fully aware of most aircraft that should be flying in the sky. 

I hope this report can be useful to anyone else who may have seen what I saw over Brooklyn near Avenue M and Ocean Avenue is my general vantage point of the UFO Sighting.

The best description of the UFO I can give is that it appeared dark, as it first appeared to me to be a black dot. It was metallic in nature because I saw that it had a metallic type reflection, once the sun glinted off of it. It was perfectly spherical and had a white blinking light that went off periodically with absolutely zero sound accompanying it. It was not very flashy at all very basic seeming. 

The most bizarre thing to me was that I think it may have been generating its own form of cloud cover, as the clouds that were very nearby it seemed to be growing in size in a very unnatural seeming way that I had never witnessed before. I was unfortunately unable to grab my camera in the time frame of the UFO Sighting due to it only being visible from where I was for a very short period of time, I didn't even have enough time to get my girlfriend's eyes on it before it moved out of sight. NUFORC New York City UFO Sighting Report

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