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UFO Sighting Bright Round Silver White Object Alaska 6/8/16

On Wednesday night June 8th around 9 pm I was alone fishing for catfish in the family lake .low on the western horizon the only way I know how to describe it,is a bright round object brilliant silver white in color just appeared then (teleported) from its stationary position towards the South. I say teleported because it appeared and reappeared three times covering the whole western sky in a matter of seconds .on the next night June the 9th Thursday night me and a friend are in the same location fishing around 9 pm I witnessed a round object identical to the night before but it appeared then disappeared very fast two times in about a 20 minute span .I screamed at my friend to look both times but he didn't see it around 9:45 the light came back on same spot in the sky then another light appeared to its right same shape and color ,then a few seconds later the first object on the left went out but in a split second came back on but this time the lights were dark orange rectangle shape from right to left came on one At a time till there was 5 then I could actually see a shape of a disc shaped UFO then both UFOs disappeared then in a instant we seen two reddish orange orbs speeding off to the north one was moving in a straight line the other seemed to circle the other, once it made a complete 360 they both spiraled each other then went out fast as they appeared .this all took place in under two minutes ,I came back for a third night but seen nothing. I know my aircraft civilian and military very well also the stars and planets what I seen has rocked me to the core of everything I know and was not restricted by gravity are laws of physics the speed at witch they moved is beyond any thing iv ever seen.UFO Sighting Bright Round Silver White Object Alaska 6/8/16 reported here MUFON CMS# 76982

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You might gain some insight by reading:

"Beyond Einstein: Non-local physics" by Brian Fraser (2015)

Here is a sample of relevant content:

"Example: there are two kinds of position and two kinds of velocity. Remember those two terms in the non-local form of gamma? We are using only one of them for propulsion—the spatial velocity one that depends on Newtonian mechanics. The other possibility, that of non-local motion, has been left unexplored. Using that, an aircraft could move from one position in the sky to another without traversing the intervening space. It would appear at one location, then disappear, then re-appear at another location. It could move at extremely high speeds without generating a sonic boom. It would use “field propulsion” based on the non-local characteristics of electric and magnetic fields. It would be completely self-contained because there is no action/reaction (exhaust) as in conventional propulsion (in this case, the reaction forces are radial, and cancel out within the structure of the aircraft, making the preferred shape one of something with radial symmetry, like a saucer or cigar)."

Two different kinds of non-local physics are discussed. One of these can be used for non-local propulsion (going to the stars without traversing the intervening space, which also avoids the energy problem).

The paper can be downloaded from: http://scripturalphysics.org/4v4a/BeyondEinstein.html The .html file gives a link to the .pdf file but the former has additional information.