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UFO Sighting bright light over ocean Encinitas California 10/30/16

night UFO Sighting over ocean

It was October 30th 2016, during the new moon. I was in the car with my father driving along the coast on PCH in Encitintas, CA. It was around 7:45 pm, very dark outside. We were on the way home from dinner. My father was driving, we were headed south, and I was in the passenger seat looking westward out of my window towards the ocean. We were listening to music and I was admiring the way the ocean looked at night. I was day dreaming and zoning out a bit and noticed there was a beautiful light being cast on the ocean from the moon just like you see in paintings But then I snapped out of my day dream and started thinking about the fact that it was a new moon, and there's no way the new moon could be casting a light like this! so I looked closer and the only thing above the light that was being cast over the ocean was a very bright, orange looking star type UFO. I told my dad to pull over because I was really confused and wanted him to see what I was seeing so that he could help me make sense of it. 

My dad pulled over along PCH, and we got out and walked onto the beach and just stood there staring at this thing. The UFO was an orange-red light. It was pulsing. The reason I thought it was a star at first was because it definitely seemed like it was pretty far away. But as I was observing it I realized that it was way too bright to be a star. So then I thought "maybe it's a planet that is really close to earth right now." So I checked my "planets" iPhone app and there were no planets in that part of the sky that night. Besides, it was way too bright to have been a planet anyways, but these were just different steps in my thought process of trying to figure out what i was looking at. 

We stood there completely perplexed by this object and the light it was casting over the ocean. There were no ships, oil rigs, airplanes, helicopters, etc. it's really difficult to even tell how far away this thing was. It FELT like it was really far... Like the distance of a star or another planet... But it didn't make any sense that it was casting such a bright light on the water just like a full moon would! And there was no beam of light shining down onto the water (like a search light)...rather, the light being cast on the ocean seemed to be a reflection of the object, which once again, did not make any sense considering how small this UFO Sighting was!! to the naked eye, it was probably about 20x brighter than the way one of the brighter planets would look. It was orange and the light/reflection it cast on the ocean was orange as well. I tried to take a photo with my iPhone of the light but in the photo it wasn't really showing up, it just looked like an all black sky and a small orange dot. and it was so dark outside that the light being cast on the water didn't really show up in the photo either. 

We observed it sitting completely stationary for over 30 minutes. it was about the same size the entire time except that it was pulsing and once in a while it seemed to get brighter for a few minutes. It did not move AT ALL. it didn't drift or get higher or lower. But right at the very end it (I would say for the last minute) it starting pulsing more obviously, and seemed to be fading/dimming as if it were moving farther away. In the last couple of minutes the light /reflection being cast on the water also started to fade a bit. And the suddenly it blinked one time and completely vanished. Me and my dad stood there in the dark on the beach so confused by what we just watched. IT DID NOT MAKE SENSE. We waited for a few minutes to see if anything else would happen or if the light would come back but it was gone. 

I've been searching on line to see if anyone else has posted anything similar to this but I haven't found anything so far! I am someone who pays pretty close attention to the moon and the stars and I'm always looking up at the sky. and it should also be noted that I've lived by the beach my entire life in this same area. I've never seen something like this. I'm a really logical person and my natural reaction is to rule out all the logical explanations before even considering that it could be something supernatural or extraterrestrial. But I'm at a loss and just wish I could find someone else out there who saw this as well! mufon cms# 80194

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