UFO Sighting Boomerang/Triangle over house moved very slowly no noise Hillsboro Ohio

UFO Sighting reported Hillsboro Ohio 2/14/17

I went out my front door facing North to get a book out of my car. I turned left towards my car and just happened to look up and thought I seen the lights of a cargo jet leaving the DHL Air park which is common. Quickly realized the light coloring was off and quickly focused in and realized I wasn't looking at a couple of cargo planes. But one giant craft! That was quite literally moving through the air the same speed of a blimp. I quickly alerted my two teenage children to come and see it and they still can't believe what they saw. We observed as it headed southwest before turning full south then back toward the southeast. By this time we were observing it from our back deck. We heard the distinct sound of fighter jets and three very dim lights began to glow in sequence 1 2 3 1 2 3. As the jets grew near, the UFO Sighting seemed to change shape and go in different directions and multiple shimmering lights showed up out of no where! Air force jets were still flying all around the area when I went to bed. My teen daughter said,"I wish I never would have seen that." mufon cms# 82095 UFO Hillsboro Ohio 2/14/17

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