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UFO Sighting Avoids Laser Pointer

I was playing with my laser pointer and while I had the laser light pointed in the sky their was a Dark Triangle looking UFO Sighting. I would not have seen it if I had not had my laser pointer out I seen the UFO flying by. I was like what the hell am I looking at so I pointed my laser by it and each time I did this the UFO sighting would turn away from my laser light. Then I said to myself I will point it right on it and I did my laser light bounce off the object that's when it did its last turn away to avoid the laser pointer light and if flew away so fast. I did not see it leave. And then right after I seen a shooting star or it could have been something else I am not sure it was one of the coolest things I have seen in the sky but not like April 6th 2016 around the same time I seen a massive ball of light behind me like the sun was just behind me. I carry a flashlight for work and I took it out and shined it at the light that is when the thing flew away so fast it made me have to duct down thought I was going to get hit. Then I seen it in the sky do a sudden stop come back a bit then up through a clearing in the clouds right to space then a smaller ball of light followed the other one the same way. So these are my UFO sightings so far and I don't care if anyone knows I tell people all the time I seen these things in the sky. mufon cms# 112685 St. Thomas Ontario Canada 12/10/20 This Region has had 2,536 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Black Triangle UFO over water

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