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UFO Sighting appears Hologram Canada

This is the 3rd time I recorded a video of this UFO Sighting with my phone, the first was reported last year in September and the 2nd was given to the MUFON investigator but I didn't make a report. I have seen this same UFO about 10 times, both with binoculars and on video and they are 2 different UFO Sighting experiences. In the binoculars I see a Disc Shaped UFO that appears as a hologram with the internal light glowing so bright it illuminates the craft and I can see 6 windows and a door on the back and it appears to fly fairly straight. In the video the UFO Sighting spins at a very high rate of speed and also tumbles in a second motion that is not as fast as the spin, so it looks like a gyroscope and most still frames are blurry. I have come to the conclusion from the first video that the faster it spins, the bigger the windows appear because the door is on one side and when it spins faster you see the door more times per frame. I have spent hours studying the August UFO video, and pretty much every still frame is identical from this video to that one. I have a phone mount on my binoculars and I recorded and watched thru the binoculars at the same time. I didn't really see anything new with this but thought I would share. I attached the original video and a screen recording of the video played at 13% speed and zoomed in and also a still frame. MUFON CMS# 107514 London Ontario Canada/4/5/20/ Region has had 2401 Reported UFO Sightings to date. Poor Quality Video's

Photo of UFO Sighting

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