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UFO Sighting acorn shape with a small dome on top Scottsdale AZ photo

Scottsdale Arizona UFO Sighting Disk Shape craft photo

UFO Sighting report reads as follows: Was at the Botanical Gardens in Scottsdale on May 21 2017. It was about 11:30 am. I was facing west. I had my 800 mm camera in hand, taking photos of desert flowers, not using the full zoom. Just happened to look up at a jet stream and the jet, flying southeast at a high altitude. While staring at the jet stream behind it, I sighted a very small glint of light , moving below the jet stream. As small as a pin head three feet away, it was tiny. I was wearing prescription sun glasses, amber in color. Thought at first it was my glasses, took them off and looked up. No glint of light. Glasses were clean. Only could see the glint through my glasses. Turned on my zoom, and got three photos of this UFO. The photos are a little fuzzy, but still not bad. The UFO is acorn shape, with a small dome on top. I guess about 2-3 miles away, guess over 300 feet wide, or wider. UFO had two engines , one on either side, near the top rim. Also was very shinny and reflected the sun light, strongly. This UFO was moving side to side,very little. It then tilted about 80 degrees, kind of lopsided. UFO then would disappear and then reappear in the same place, did this 4 or 5 times. Then one of the engines got very bright, and then went out. Then both engines got very bright , and it took off, then disappeared quickly. This all lasted less than 3 minutes. I have seen many UFO's , nothing new for me, and encounters. Never seen this acorn shape before. Never seen glowing engines ? before. UFO's are nothing new for me. But having camera in hand is a first. I have the photos to prove it. I do this as a sharing service, and will put my photos up for examination if asked. Not sure how to download them, but will do so if asked and shown how to, they are fairly clear. mufon cms# 84024

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