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UFO sighting 7-31-17 UFO hovered over cattle scared cat no noise at all bright lights La Salle CO

UFO sightings Drawing Dome shape craft La Salle CO 7-31-17

UFO Sighting report: When I first had the UFO Sighting I was in my bed reading a book, until my cat hissed at something outside. I looked out my bedroom window and she ran away when I saw a dome of light coming toward me, it flashed and vanished. But in about a minute it was back and coming toward me again but closer to the ground, it made a circle around the house came Back to my window, stopped and stared. But then the UFO turned around and went to the neighbors house and hovered over their cattle for 30 seconds the cattle made a ruckus.turned around and went about 20 feet in front of my window and lifted up flashed and was gone. The UFO Sighting was dome shaped, had two large circular yellow window in the front with a purple and red pulsing light. UFO also had a row of small dull green lights all the way around it. When I first saw this UFO I could not move and just stare me and got the feeling that I needed to go to sleep. mufon cms# 85591

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