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UFO Sighting 7-29-17 4D Glowing Structure appears over House Montana

4D glowing UFO structure appeared above house 72917

UFO Sighting Witness Reported: We live out in the country in the ozark/rogersville area. During the day, a friend and I lit a fire. After lighting the fire, my friend noticed a plane-like structure off in the distance emitting red lights. The sky was clear with hardly a cloud, but I couldn't see what she was seeing, even after moving behind her into her field of vision. We laugh about it and move along. This was approximately 5-6pm central time. 

Around 9:00 pm central time, we gathered our things to leave. After locking the house and loading the dog into the car, my friend and I sit down in the front seats of the car, ready to start the ignition. I then see a flash of three, bright white lights in my peripheral vision. They were stacked like a triangle, with two lights on the bottom and one on top. I immediately got out of the car to get closer to the UFO that appeared after the flash of lights. (My friend, on the other hand, told me she was so scared for her life that she didn't move from her passenger seat in the vehicle). 

The UFO that appeared above the house was about 500 feet from us, and about 50-60 feet up in the air. It was unlike anything I've ever seen. It appeared hollow, but not like any hollow 3D structure in that I couldn't detect a definite inside edge. There were bright white lights on the UFO structure that appeared to glow from the inside out. Initially, I believed it to be helicopter-sized. 

I started yelling to my friend, "What is that?!" That is when this object stopped hovering above the house and changed directions, coming right toward us in our car. It appeared to be getting smaller the closer it got to us, but never smaller than about 15x15ft. About 50 feet before our car, this UFO descends down towards us in a U-shape, then corrects itself and gains elevation. At its lowest point in the descent, I thought it might hit our car and I was afraid for my life -it was no more than 30 feet directly above the top of our car. 

It then regained its initial elevation of maybe 50 feet, and disappeared into the tree line at the edge of the property. We immediately turned on the car, pulled out onto the main road and attempted to see it again, but it had disappeared. 

The most interesting part of this was not only the almost indescribable shape, but that it seemed to know we were leaving the property. It's very obvious (and terrifying) lurch towards our car was either on purpose (maybe to scare us?) or the result of whatever was operating it losing control of the structure. Either way, this appeared and disappeared out of nowhere with a clear intent that we should see it. 

Additionally, this UFO Sighting was completely silent and appeared incredibly aerodynamic. it wasn't inherently malevolent, but also didn't appear to be particularly friendly or welcoming. I honestly love reading about UFOs, but now that I have actually seen one...I wish I hadn't. This was a very scary experience. mufon cms# 85508 UFO Sighting reported on July.29,2017 over Montana U.S.

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