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UFO Sighting 4-5 times the brightness and size of Venus followed aircraft for 25 minutes Chicago 11/18/16

Airline UFO Sighting Chicago IL 111816

Wife and I were on flight AA 1329 seat 5 A,B from San Juan to Chicago when at approximately one hour from landing a very bright "UFO" light was observed off our aircraft left side slightly behind and above a straight line of view out the window. Our altitude was approximately 36000 feet with a speed of 500 mph.My first impression was that the "UFO" light was on our wing but I realized that the wing is not visible from our seats (737). The next thought was of Venus in the early night sky but at 4 to 5 times the size and brightness as I have ever seen it. A few moments later the wife said the UFO was moving and now below our aircraft. I leaned over and sure enough it had dropped a good distance to the point where it appeared similar to the regular brightness of Venus. Again, within a short time my wife informed me that it moved. Leaning over again to look out the window it was now located slightly above and forward of our seat and probably off the pilots cockpit window. A few moments later the pilot calls on the cabin intercom to prepare for a steep decent and to prepare for landing as per pending turbulence. This sent the flight attendants into a hectic prep mode. The wife then suggests we take a photo and we did. Its not a bad shot considering its dark and your shooting through double layers of aircraft windows.We started decent at a pretty steep angle as to what I normally experience when flying. I at this point continued to lean over and observe the UFO for the next minute and a half. The UFO appeared to stop and maintain its altitude while we continued decent. Because of this the object became smaller. Finally, we flew through a thin layer of broken clouds which ultimately covered up the UFO which at the last moments again appeared like a very bright Venus. Our flight was a five hour trip and I intended to ask the capt. if he planned to report the incident but they kept their door closed during departure of passengers never saying goodbye or even letting a little fresh air in. mufon cms# 80608

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