UFO Sighted just above high voltage lines traveling above them Tamms Illinois 9/1/17

UFO was just above high voltage lines traveling above them

A local sixty year old male farmer/businessman was driving north on SR-127 through the small town of Tamms, Illinois early one morning 9/1/17 when he glanced to his right (east) and observed what he described as a metallic UFO traveling at a slow rate (approx. 15 mph) of speed just a few feet above high voltage lines located approx. 200 yards from the roadway. The witness stated he could clearly see the UFO as it maintained its rate of travel. Witness also stated he slowed his speed to match the UFO speed and maintained eye contact for several moments until it made a right angle turn in order to stay above the power lines that now traveled eastward away from the Town/highway/witness. Witness never lost eye contact until he lost sight of the UFO as it now traveled east still above the power lines. The UFO Sighting was described as being spherical in shape, approx. 12’ to 15’ in length and approx. 10’ in height in the middle. The UFO was metallic gray in color with a smaller dark gray band around the middle as if the top and bottom were joined at that point (Equator like band). He also stated that there appeared to be an antenna that resembled an old type t.v. antenna protruding from the top/rear of the UFO that was not more than a few feet in height. The witness is a lifelong resident and a well-respected member of the community. I also went to the location described and drove the same route the witness stated he drove and his account/description matched my observations. mufon cms# 87637

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