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“The witness described the UFO Sighting as being ‘huge,’ about the size of an acre,” DePerno stated in his report. “The witness then said the UFOs lights began pulsating as if to get her attention. The witness then said her car radio stopped working. She explained that this has never happened before. She did explain that the rest of the vehicle’s functions continued working. “The witness became gripped with fear. She explained she was extremely frightened as the lights now began pulsating, changing color from white to red. The pulsating lights were moving from front to back and then continued this way. The witness continued driving. The witness then noticed from the windshield of her vehicle, the UFO rapidly move a very short distance from west to east. The UFO then started moving south away from her. At the same time, the witness attempted to use her cell phone. She discovered that her cell phone had no service. The witness continued driving and after a couple of minutes the cell phone service returned. The witness said she has traveled this road several times and knows where the dead spots are and that area is not one of them. “The entire UFO Sighting incident lasted five minutes.The weather at the time of the UFO incident was clear and nothing interfering with the UFO sighting. No airports are within 30 miles in the area of the incident. No military bases in the area.UFO Shuts Off Vehicle Electronics Springville New York” MUFON, October 26, 2018. credit S.Agermose 

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