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UFO Reported Interstate 84 Connecticut

UFO NEWS: In the past, the state of Connecticut has always been an area of few UFO reports, however this is no longer true. Since 1985 the counties of Fairfield and Litchfield and Hartford has seen a dramatic rise in the number of UFO Sighting reports. This UFO Sighting is described as being a semi circle or boomerang with multi-colored lights. Even more incredible the size of this UFO Sighting has been reported to be the length of a football field!.
This UFO that has been seen recently in Connecticut is without a doubt the Hudson valley UFO which is described in my book Night Seige The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings (Ballantine Books 1987).  

For some reason unknown to this researcher the giant boomerang UFO has shifted it's activities from New York to Nearby Connecticut. The most recent sightings took place on May 26 of this year around interstate 84 one of the most heavily traveled highways in the northeast.

Between 9;30 and 10;15 PM more than 200 people phoned local and state police to report a huge object with bright lights flying low over the highway near the towns of Newtown and Southbury in Connecticut. Those witnesses that called state police in Southbury were told that it was nothing more than a group of Ultra light aircraft from Candlewood airport flying in close formation and hanging colored lanterns from the bottom of the plane. The police also told witnesses that the aircraft were painted black so that all that can be seen is the lights. Many of the witnesses to the phenomenon found it very hard to believe the official explanation.”

Connecticut 1987 UFO Sighting Photo

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