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UFO over North Sea Punched Hole in Blue Sky

At 8:45 am on January 21st, 2020, I was called to the back of a property I was working at, to look at an unidentified object "UFO" in the eastern sky over the North Sea. The witness with me, pointed to the sky and asked me what I saw, and amazingly something was coming down fast with a chemical trail of 4 lanes coming from the back of the UFO. He handed me the binoculars he'd gotten from his garage, and asked me to look closer, and I was shocked to see a hole punched through the blue sky and 3 tissue like type white UFOs hanging in the sky followed by a huge 4 lane type chemical trail going into what I can only describe as 1 burgundy in color smoke trail  coming out of a triangular UFO. We passed the binoculars back and forth to each other as this UFO Sighting looked to be coming down fast in the direction of the North Sea  off the coast of Peter Head to Aberdeen, Scotland. I attempted to see what the unidentified object leaving this chemical trail was; but only could see a four lane white and 1 burgundy smoke trail and this came out the back of something triangular however the object was engulf in white smoke. The UFO Sighting continued  in a downward decent then went behind the cloud line. The hole punched in the blue sky took approximately 10 mins to dissipate. As did the 3 tissue like UFOs and chemical trail. When I went back inside to get my coat and leave my work there, the sky was clear again, and the sun rising above the cloud line. I have no idea what I was seeing but never have I seen a chemical trail like that or a hole punched in the blue sky or a burgundy colored type chemical trail coming out of any planes that fly over our town since I moved here in 1996. NUFORC

UFO Punches hole through blue sky

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