UFO Orb Reported Spokane Valley WA

Watched an orb UFO for two hours. It looked bizarre with a spotting scope. UFO Sighting 02/02/2020 6:15 pm My husband noticed a strange light in the sky and called me outside. It was dark, clear sky, no clouds, half moon or so. It was coming from the Southwest very slow. I could not see any sort of craft just very bright light. I saw a red orb appear for a second and then disappear. It stayed in the same general area for about 40 minutes. Our neighbor came outside with his spotting scope. It looked, well, it wasn’t a drone. It had a ring of yellow lights around the edge but they were moving, fluctuating, like the surface of the sun, and the center had a grid of blue purple lights. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get a picture through the scope. UFO Sighting moved westward, which I didn’t see as I was running home from the neighbors. Then the UFO slowly moved back to the Southwest. We watched it slowly moved further away for an hour. It was a blip in the distance and started flashing different colors. NUFORC

UFO Orb Light Spokane Valley WA

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