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UFO News: Many experience people say that when they are in the presence of some Non Human Entities they feel intense emotions: deep love and affection (with some human-like ETs), or terrifying fear and disgust (with some reptilians), or even abject indifference and uncaring attitudes (with some small grays). Do such intense feelings also happen, when in close proximity to consciousness-assisted UFO crafts? Reportedly, some beings seem to impart a sharp dampening of feelings and emotions, as if somehow the experience one's mind is being affected telepathically or by other means. Would anyone care to share their experiences of intense or dampened emotions, in regard to Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings and Non Human Entity encounters? How long afterwards do such feelings persist? Is the first event more of a surprise reaction, perhaps different than the ensuing occurrences? credit Salvatore Lagattuta 

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