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UFO News Feb 25th 2018: Nothing has really happened since December 16. Elizondo has said several times that the American public will have to push its representatives in Washington if it wants more information released. That implies that it is a political decision, so at least a big part of TTS's material must be classified. Maybe their main agenda right now is political. NIXON UFO DISCLOSURE: HOLLOMAN & HALDEMAN MYSTERY! DARK JOURNALIST  This was streamed live on February 23: "In this Special Live Episode Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt will explore the strange connections between recent attempts at faux UFO Disclosure by Senator Harry Reid and covert intelligence assets juxtaposed to early efforts by the Nixon Administration to fund a documentary film by a friend of Nixon's Chief of Staff Bob Haldeman named Bob Emenegger about a mysterious craft landing at Holloman Air Force Base to bring the UFO issue to the public in the 1970s. Planet X- He also looks at the history of Planet X research that is being validated by NASA under the name 'Planet Nine' and the Nibiru theory popularized by Scholar Zechariah Sitchin. He also examines the latest Revelations of Nixon's ET Time Capsule at the White House will Rock the Official Story and Change History!"
credit Stig Agermose

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