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UFO News Multiple Swarm Like UFOs Reported Utah

My wife's friend posted on his social media that he was witnessing an unexplainable phenomenon in the sky above his house in the sandy/ draper area starting at about 11 pm my wife and I live in South Salt Lake. We decided to drive down to Sandy/Draper to see if we could observe it. We drove south on i-15 and exited the freeway at 11400 south. That's when my wife shouted out right there, I see it. We drove west to 300 west and turned south, pulled into an empty parking lot and exited the car. We looked up in the sky and started searching, after a few seconds we were able to spot the UFOs again. They appeared as completely black swarms in the night sky shifting size and shape. Barely noticeable to the human eye. But once you saw them they were very unmistakable. Most of the time these Objects were moving south or south west. We hopped back in the car and headed south on 300 west again, passing the neighborhood my Aunt Lynsey lives in. We pulled off once again onto a dark street with no street lamps and a searched the sky again. We witnessed more of the same amorphous shifting black blobs "UFOs" in the sky, moving like a swarm of bugs or birds. They moved extremely fast though, covering many miles in the sky in a matter of seconds. After a few moments we decided to call my aunt and see if she was seeing what we were seeing. We drove to her house and she came out side. In front of her house we all looked up and observed the same phenomenon again for a few minutes. After leaving her house we stopped at a 7/11 on the corner of 12300 south and 300 west. My wife ran inside and I stayed in the car. As I was explaining to a buddy what I had seen over the phone. I looked up and the UFO flew directly above the 7/11. Probably only 100-200 feet off the ground this time. It looked like a swarm of small silver spheres flying in a formation. It was completely silent. And gone within a matter of seconds. mufon cms# 110806 South Jordan Utah U.S. 8/8/20/ Photo Depiction.

Black Saucer shaped UFO

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