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UFO News Iranian Air force Defense Fires heavily at many UFOs 1/17/17

Iranian Air Force Defense started shooting heavily to many UFOs (17 Jan 2017 5 pm) 
At the center of Tehran Enghelab square..1000s of people were seeing this unbelievable incident and many pictures and videos captured as I attached. After the shooting Many Air force Aircrafts started flying above Tehran searching for these glowing orbs but they couldn't find anything then they said they were UAVs for to sensor and debunk this incident but as you see in videos UAVs cant fly like that and can't change their direction suddenly just UFOs and Alien technology can fly and move like that) and for UAVs they do not start to shoot that heavily at the center of Tehran like its a war!!!and they do not use the Air force Jets just for finding UAVs!!! mufon cms# 81575 


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