UFO News ET Ships commingling with Iridium-35

UFO News In the morning of February 9th, 2018, I got up early in an attempt to make a video of the satellite "Iridium-35" which was expected to produce a small flare during its pass as predicted by my satellite tracking software. For the technical folks interested in the matter, Satellites and their behaviors are very predictable. Everyone is encouraged to develop skills and expertise in Satellite tracking so legitimate "Alien"  ET interactions can never be confused with false positives.

That morning, I was very successful in achieving my goal. Unfortunately, the Iridium flare was not as spectacular as I had wished for. However, what I had not planned was that two "UFO" ET ships quickly took control over the situation and started commingling with the famous Satellite. In a very playful way, the ET’s were sending the following message: “don’t forget us, we are here too”. The message was very powerful.

The second part of this video clip shows massive UFO Sightings which took place a day earlier. As usual, 100% of the UFO Sightings reported in these videos are vetted against false positives using a good Satellite tracking app.

All are encouraged to develop their own relationships with the Star Nations and join in Unity Consciousness. credit J.Blanchette

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