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Although I am sure this report will be removed, not taken seriously or in other words disregarded .I have decided to tell my story anyways . I met this "person" on an online dating site and this person absolutely took over my life psychologically, emotionally and physically. I am 100% certain that this person I started dating in October 2015 is in fact a EBE "Alien". It would torment me from time to time by shape shifting into its true form . prior to this i was familiar with the whole reptilian theory proposed by david icke, however i never would've expected to experience something like this. It didnt appear reptile at all, infact it looked more like an insect, and would expand its legs/body to about 8' feet in its true form . One night I had a terrifying vision that i got ran over by a car , and woke up in the hospital in the EBE's arms. I believe that this vision was implanted in me for a reason to make me emotionally attached to it. It was a terrifying but wonderful at the same time experience it felt as if i had died for 5 mins while in the hospital I did indeed see the" light" and felt as if i was traveling threw a wormhole into the next dimension possibly heaven. I kept hearing the voices of family member's and I wanted to die in this vision because it felt wonderful to be in this beautiful dimension . I snapped out of the vision after hearing my mothers voice telling me to breathe . the EBE I was dating had me in his arms and 4 of his friends surrounding me all stated that I had fell and hit my head hard . I'll never forget this expierence but unfortunately it wasnt my last. Ive been dating this "person" for a little over a year I broke up with him a couple months ago. Besides him randomly shapeshifting other weird things happened . as I was laying on his bed in his room all of a sudden the entire room transformed into a space craft and I witnessed him pilot it. I fell asleep shortly after and woke up in a panic. I should also note that when I first started dating him he firmly denied believing in UFOs and said the typical responses that "normal" or perhaps uneducated person would say. Deny deny deny. Then towards the end of the relationship his views completely changed when I brought the UFO subject up. As if he had forgottin what he had told me months prior . Very weird and strange things have happened to me including bizarre dreams of medical experimentation, Aliens breaking into my room, and interacting with hybrid Alien off springs. what made me decide to finally break up with this person was that I was cuddling with him late at night and somebody knocked at my door. When I tried to get up to open the door I realized that i was paralyzed.i literally couldn't move. It should also be noted that this character is extremely anti-religious for some reason. Which made me believe that aliens are actually demons and good" aliens "are what I would believe to be angles. This demon would try its hardest to persuade me that god doesn't exist and said that when I die I will rot in the ground. And said humans dont have spirits.physical characteristics of this person, true hazel eyes,reddist brownish hair, extra slim with rib cages showing, abnormally large tongue , scars and birthmarks on random places of the body. More specifically a birthmark that appears to be a scar from some type of alien needle or injection device . 3 triangular dots with Brown circle around it.sometimes while shapshifting slits would appear in his eyes. Each shapeshift would only last aprox 1-5 secs and immediately id rub my eyes and look away thinking that I am autistic or something but I am truly not. That was just his way of tormenting me. I havent been the same ever since this near death experience. I truly believe this thing took advantage of me for my reproductive cells and collected them while I was asleep for cloning or god knows what. If anybody has had a similar experience or typed a similar report . please reach out to me on my cell phonr number. I know I am not crazy, I was 100% fine until I met him. Ive never told anybody this story im afraid of what others mite think of me. Ive been having a really hard time copeing with what happened, and an even harder time at expressing emotion. I feel dead on the inside, dule, vague.. Provided a fake name and email however my cell phone number is real. Much love , good luck with your investigations . by the way I am very much interested in becoming a field investigator who interviews other UFO abductees, I am eager to find out the truth about the reality of the UFO phenomenon. MUFON CMS #74254

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