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UFO hovering over ocean headed onshore

As I went outside to let my dog out, I happened to look up and sighted a Glowing Pink UFO in the sky with a Brighter, almost Yellowish Center, coming on shore and slowly moving west. As the UFO Sighting moved closer, roughly 500ft to a quarter mile to my north, I realized I had my phone in my pocket to video. When zooming in, you can clearly see an almost Orange Bullseye Pattern, looks like the UFO Sighting was Conducting some sort of Electricity. The Light started to then dim, as I got my son inside the house and when I looked back up (end of video), you can see a Dark UFO Hovering and no longer glowing, then I went inside and did not see anything after that. mufon cms# 109791 Long Branch New Jersey 62920 Region has had 1,765 Reported UFO Sightings to date. No photos, videos or other media provided.

UFO Disk Hovering over ocean

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