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UFO Hovered 200 ft over us 3/25/18 Spokane WA

Hovering UFO Sighting report Spokane WA 3-25-18

The UFO Sighting started out appearing like a bright star or planet. Something seemed odd about it. UFO was stationary for about five mins then it moved straight down, and we knew it was not a star. We drove towards this UFO to get a better look. At that point the UFO seemed to start following us. UFO Sighting became a game of cat and mouse for 45 minutes. At one point it hovered over us. When it wasn't in the bright star position, it appeared to have a blinking blue lift, and a blinking red light. UFO flew over us about 200 feet off the ground, and looked like a flat streamlined jet, no sound, and when it turned, it remains horizontal no wing tips, gliding through the air. source nuforc.org

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