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UFO flew along left of airplane Split into two equal size glowing UFOs Newark NJ.

Newark New Jersey UFO Sliver Orb Sighting reported 7-15-17

Latest UFO Sighting reported On Saturday, July 15, 2017 at approximately 6-6:10pm, I was standing outside a drug store, finishing a cigarette before entering the store. I looked up at the sky over the park across the street and noticed an airplane, likely a 747, flying southeast and away from me. A UFO egg or spherical shaped, perhaps 1/8th the size of the airplane, was seemingly flying along side the plane's left. The UFO Sighting appeared to be a dull white or light gray in color. The airplane drifted to the right, separating from the UFO, while the egg/sphere maintained a straight path. I didn't pay attention to the course of the airplane since I was fixed on the UFO. My first thought was that it was a balloon, because it was still bright enough at that time of day to make out the shape clearly, and I believed that perhaps it might have been an illusion of perspective. That was until I focused more clearly and noticed the UFO moved in a straight path and at about the same speed as the airplane. It also didn't have the wobbliness of a balloon in mid air. As it continued to move farther away, it split into two UFOs that appeared to be equal in size and shape. I still thought this could possibly be a balloon, or perhaps a bunch of balloons that separated in the air, but the UFO never appeared to be a cluster or bunch as it initially looked like a single, clear defined shape. Both UFOs then flew parallel and equidistant from each other, in the same direction. As they moved further away from me, they became brighter as if glowing, then disappeared or faded away in the distance. I never thought to try to record the sight with my cell phone since I wasn't sure what I was seeing until it was too late and the two UFOs were too far for my phone to record clearly. mufon cms# 85126 UFO Sighting occurred over New Jersey on 7/15/17

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