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UFO Encounter very different then normal Colored Big Bright Lights that Projected Beams 10/12/17 TX.

Lufkin Texas UFO Sighting Encounter reported 10-12-17

UFO Sighting encounter occurred over Lufin Texas on Oct.12th 2017 I was wide awake for some strange reason that night and something just said go outside as soon as went outside it felt like the energy from the big glowing UFO light instantly grabbed my attention. At first I thought I was the moon until I realized the moon was on the other side of the sky at first the light just glowed very very bright then beams of light glowed out of each side of the big UFO lights. There was something very shiny, way bigger then a star between the two bright lights that sat still no glowing twinkling nothing just kinda oblong light. It's the image to the LEFT OF ALL OF THAT THAT REALLY TERRIFIED ME. I COULD NOT SEE THAT FIGURE WITH MY EYES. I ACTUALLY ACCIDENTALLY CAUGHT IT RECORDING THE LIGHTS. IT WAS VERY SCARY I USED DIFFERENT LIGHTING TO BRING IT OUT AND IT DEFINITELY LOOKS LIKE A UFO. WHEN THE LIGHTS LEFT IT LOOKED LIKE SOMEONE JUST TURNED OFF A LIGHT SWITCH. THEY DID NOT FLY AWAY, DROP AWAY, THEY JUST WENT OFF. mufon cms# 87334

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