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UFO Encounter 1967 Falcon Lake in Manitoba Canada Stefan Michalak

Falcom Lake in Manitoba Canada Stefan Michalak UFO Sighting encounter 1967

On May 20th of 1967, near Falcon Lake in Manitoba Canada, Stefan Michalak experienced more than he bargained for on his weekend getaway. While hanging out by the lake, Michalak had an UFO Encounter and said that two circular UFOs were descending in his direction, eventually landing right next to him.

Michalak Claims that when the UFO's landed their doors opened and he heard voices speaking to him in a strange language. As Michalak attempted to examine the alleged UFO spacecraft he was burnt by a grid-shaped vent which also burned his clothes. What happened exactly that day is still just speculation, but Michalak has the burns to prove his story was real. credit Richard C. Waiarika

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