UFO Emits High Pitch Squeal Sound

The UFO Sighting case of the Rosedale Australia occurred on September 30, 1980. The man in question is George Blackwell a farm care taker who reports having a very strange UFO Sighting encounter during then evening of 9/30/1980. The lead investigator of this UFO Sighting case is Bill Chalker he describes his findings in this video saying that George Blackwell searching on his farm for the cause of his horses & cows being highly agitated by some unknown source finds himself face to face with this Large Disk Shaped UFO seemingly drawing water out of his water tank adjacent to his farm. He reports that this UFO emits a loud high pitched squealing sound causing George to lose function of his body and limbs falling to the ground. Seconds after experiencing this ordeal his observes the UFO rising up from the water tank and disappearing in the distance. 



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