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UFO Disk Shaped Sighting reported following alongside vehicle stopped at treetop level and hovered

1977 Mexico UFO Sighting  Disk Shaped followed our car

In the summer of 1977 my 10-yr old son and I were returning home after driving to a nearby town 30 miles away to see the movie "Chariots of the Gods". It was approx. between 9-10 pm CST at night as I was driving on a blacktop road rather than the highway since it was a shorter way to get home. As I was driving North, I noticed ahead of me, and to the LEFT of the road,a fiery image about treetop level and I mentioned to my son it must be a barn on fire. About 2 min. later as I approached a curve ahead,the fiery image moved from it's location left of the road and instantly appeared on the RIGHT side of the road. I knew then it was a UFO due to how quickly it maneuvered direction. I was then driving East with the UFO following me to my right, (about 100 ft. higher than my van) and it stayed maybe 2 car lengths ahead of me. The UFO seemed to be traveling the same speed as I was which by then I had probably slowed to about 40 mph! After about 30-45 seconds of following us it instantaneously appeared about 1/4 mile ahead and to the LEFT side of the road. It was then stopped and hovered above a grove of trees. Since it had stopped I did not want to keep driving. There was a house there so I pulled into someone's driveway and thought about going up to their door to let them know of the UFO so people wouldn't think I was just making it all up. But figured as sure as I did it would disappear. My son thought I should keep driving but I told him I didn't want to be abducted or have my car engine fail. As it hovered there I could make out the shape and a few features. The UFO was Disc Shaped with a seemingly Darker Band around the center of the UFO & a lot of Fire from the underneath. Either the flames below were so bright that they illuminated the UFO craft or the moonlight was such that I could get a good view of it (or both). As we sat there wondering what to do, after approx. 4-5 min. I said to the UFO, "I know that you can hear me because you all are a lot more intelligent & advanced than we are, so please just go on and leave us alone." About 10 sec. later the UFO took off at lightening speed in an upward south easterly direction & disappeared. The entire time of the sighting, I encountered no traffic in either direction. However, as soon as it disappeared there was traffic again. The image of the UFO actually looked a lot like the spaceship image on the album cover of the band Boston's first album in 1976. I have since regretted that I didn't try to make better communication because I would like to communicate with them. Evidently, they were seeking me out but I just had no idea of their intent. mufon cms# 83874

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