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UFO Disclosure The Rockefeller Initiative

UFO Disclosure to end years of Government UFO Alien Truth Embargo strange that 7 of the original 32 Principals of the Rockefeller Initiative have had feature articles about them in prestigious papers in the last 12 days? Isn't that odd? Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, John Podesta (that is to be expected) but ALSO Al Gore (National Review) Mack McLarty (The Nation) and (USAToday) Leon Panetta (Fusion) and Bill Richardson (USA Today) What do you think these distinguished publications know? It is just as viable to ‪#‎Askhim‬ of any of these 6 men as it is Hillary. Did you work with Laurance Rockefeller or know of the Rockefeller Initiative to release all the UFO Files from 1993-1996? credit Elizabeth Trutwin  ‪#‎UFO Disclosure‬   ttp://paradigmresearchgroup.org/Rockefeller_Initiative_Doc…

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