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UFO Disclosure 2016 The Presence of UFO Alien Civilizations

UFO Disclosure 2016:If the UFO phenomenon is related to an "Alien" ET presence then both the so-called-aliens and the pinnacles of terrestrial power are not going to allow an open acknowledgement of this as fact. If advanced "Alien" ET civilizations are here then they likely view this planet as a kind of madhouse in which tribal warfare appears to be a constant.

Technological development in a long lasting civilization logically must also be associated with ethical and spiritual development. Otherwise they would self-destruct long before reaching our planet. Given our conflict-oriented mindset we will likely see such an advanced culture as enemies no matter what they might have as peaceful intents. So why should the alleged aliens allow disclosure if it will just cause an arms race to build up our terrestrial "defenses" against a new threat, i.e. them.

It is my assessment that if "Alien" ETs were responsible for UFOs then their presence would be a challenge to all terrestrial elites. Their propulsion systems if allowed to be integrated into our technological culture under conditions of peace would destroy the empire of the petroleum industry. If we move towards planetary unity what will happen to all the politicians that promote conflict to capitalize on people's fears? They would be out of a job. Then we have the distinct possibility that if an "Alien" ET presence has been long standing then people will question whether aliens have guided Jesus, Mohammed and the avatars of the Hindi faith. This would threaten the belief systems of almost the entire planet.

For disclosure we should work for world peace, planetary unity, end all forms of racial, political, social, sex and sexual orientation injustices. Only when we mature as a civilization will be every able to accept an "Alien" ET presence in a mature peaceful manner.

Joseph Burkes MD

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