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UFO defies Gravity over Portland Oregon 22316

UFO Sightings Witness description reads as follow My husband and I were on our roof looking at the moon and noticing the different types of IFO's. He noticed a light moving so we thought it was a satellite, aircraft, or balloon but then it started moving backwards at an impossible speed. It made squares, skipped (once), abrupt turns, zooming up, dropping like a leaf. When an aircraft did seem to get closer the UFO seemed to take a second to see the aircraft but then moved away quickly and just started doing it's thing again. The other light (way too far to be any laser) was moving around but much less and was about two inches and a little lower than the first one. My iPhone was not equipped to see something that small that far away and basically could not be seen for a video. The experience was super incredible and really, really hard to believe. It didn't affect me in a negative way because it seemed too far away to be scared. My husband was skeptical but could not come up with reasonable explanation. My husband is a scientist in medicine and is so darn logical that he won't really answer a question unless he is pretty sure of the answer. Since he was with me, I don't have to seem "crazy". He is my credibility. He is still however unconvinced of what it could possibly be which makes it a UFO. I want to believe.UFO Reported 2/23/16 MUFON CMS # 74708

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