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UFO Contact

Contactees Identified as “Primes” Are 
Just the Tip of the Iceberg. Joseph Burkes MD

July 1997: In a London working class neighborhood we met. I will call him “Joe,” a pseudonym. His appearance was not what I had expected. He was a big burly guy in his early twenties. Six feet tall with a crew cut, he could have been a rugby player. Joe was definitely not the “New Age” type that I was expecting.


He worked as a butcher and had reportedly never practiced meditation. In addition Joe had no particular interest in religion or spirituality. These attributes were in contrast with the characteristics of many of the contactees with whom I had been working for over five years when I met Joe in the summer of 1997.

I was in southern England to do contact work and I was about to learn an important lesson as to how UFO intelligence prepares contact workers at what I imagine is the level of the subconscious.


For five years I had been volunteering as a part time organizer for what was called the Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind Initiative. Using protocols developed by the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI), teams of investigators were going out to UFO hot spots and were having limited interactions with the intelligence responsible for the UFO phenomenon. Using powerful lights we signaled at bona fide “unknowns” and to our delight on occasion the UFOs signaled back at us.

There was also evidence of a consciousness link between contact team members and UFO intelligence. On two occasions I received what was called “telepathic overrides.” Several hours in advance of the sightings that my team was about to have during fieldwork, I suddenly “knew” at the level of knowledge, not only the time when UFOs were going to show up, but also where in the sky and the number of objects that would appear. Subsequent multiply witnessed events confirmed as accurate the “heads up” that I had received mentally.


I had learned about Joe from English activists in our contact network. Over a meal of “fish and chips” (my first experience with this popular British fare) he told me what he was doing with his “mates.” In small groups at night they were going out to Gatwick international airport.

By positioning his team in fields beyond the runways, they were using “torches” to signal at what he described as small glowing discs and other structured objects that were high in the night sky. The young Englishmen reportedly observed the UFOs while lying on their backs as roaring jets just over their heads blasted into the sky directly above them. Joe told me that this had been going on for several months. From the broad smile on his face he appeared happy to report that the UFOs had actually signaled back on several occasions. Joe’s youthful enthusiasm for contact work was apparent.


During five previous years of contact work I had already met a number of activists that fit my definition of “prime contactees.” These are individuals who have a history of personal contacts with UFO intelligence since childhood or adolescence. The so-called “primes” have many sightings of UFOs that are repeatedly viewed by multiple witnesses and can transpire at the prime’s request. The primes usually become experienced meditators often at an early age and typically without any apparent adult supervision. Prime contactees use meditation to achieve an altered state of consciousness that is helpful for communicating with non-human intelligence and I suspect meditation helps the alleged ETs “stage” contact experiences that we call “sightings.”

From my years of UFO fieldwork I have learned that having such individuals on a team increases the likelihood of sightings and other manifestations of contact. Although the primes’ participation facilitates encounters, in my judgment there are many other factors that are operational during fieldwork. In other words their presence is not essential for contact.


With this perspective as background, I was eager to find out if Joe might fit into the profile of his being a “prime” contactee. However he clearly wasn’t a good match. He denied having frequent UFO sightings over the years. He liked science fiction movies, but had never studied astronomy or eastern philosophy. Nor was he carefully following the exploits of contact networks like Rama from Peru or CSETI. He had heard of Dr Greer’s work (CSETI Director), but that was it. In general he was not knowledgeable about the flying saucer literature.

I was perplexed. I asked him about meditation equivalents. Was he a musician or artist? The answer was “No.” What about yoga? He denied being a practitioner. He told me that he liked drinking beer while watching football on the “telly” with his “mates.”


Then Joe paused and told me about a strange experience he remembered having when he was just about thirteen years old. Like many adolescents he had the habit of staying up half the night watching TV. It was his custom to view the tube while sprawled out on the living room couch. One morning at around 4 AM he woke up in the living room. The TV was still on but it was so late that all programming had ceased and only a snowy kind of static display appeared on the screen. Instead of finding himself recumbent, his usual position when watching TV, he was sitting straight upright and his legs were crossed in a what he described as a “full lotus position.”

“So you were a Yoga student,” I said.

He insisted that he was not. He had never studied Yoga. In fact it was only several months after waking up in front of the TV with both legs crossed above the knees that he saw a magazine picture identifying the difficult pose as “full lotus.”


What is the significance of this strange account? How many teenagers describe awakening in the challenging Yoga position called “full lotus?” How many young men in their early twenties are going into the field to signal at UFOs? It did not seem like a coincidence.

A skeptic might assert that perhaps he made the story up as a kind of joke on me. However he had related the account in a rather nonchalant way, as a kind of afterthought in response to my questioning.

This indicated to me that he had probably not given the incident much thought. It was my impression that he was telling me the truth. While in a trance like state he had assumed a difficult yoga position and was still in that challenging pose when he woke up in front of the television.


Joe seemed like a very responsible young man, who like other “primes” appear to be more mature than other young adults their same age. He told me that he was living with an older woman and was helping raise her child by playing the role of a surrogate father. He was enjoying family life.

This aspect of Joe’s personal history matched other primes that I had encountered in the contact network. Dr Greer described himself as an emancipated teenager who at age 17 was living alone in a furnished apartment. My co-worker in Los Angeles, “Misha”, another prime, had also shown remarkable maturity. At the age of 20 Misha reportedly fled the USSR because of anti-Semitism. All by himself he reportedly traveled first to Italy and then to the Los Angeles. There he rejoined his family who had emigrated separately.

My interpretation of Joe’s strange experience is that UFO intelligence is capable of preparing experiencers for contact work at a subconscious level. In this way that the subject might not even be aware that interactions have been taking place. The mental connection can be strong even though the future contact activist might not remember having received specialized training.

My guess is that Joe could have received a whole series of “classes” over the years while in an altered state of consciousness. Yoga as a teenager was just one part of the training preparing him for contact work when he would be older. A pre-existing mental link that he practically had no memory of, led him to interact with UFOs under fieldwork like conditions. I must admit that he made a most unusual choice of site for his UFO “investigations”, i.e. just beyond the takeoff runway of a jet airfield.


In May of 2014 I first posted on Facebook some preliminary notes concerning my observations about contactees that I have designated as “primes.” The reactions of many contact activists were quite negative. I was accused of being “elitist” and that by calling some contact workers “prime contactees,” I was creating a hierarchal schema that would discourage “non-primes” from doing fieldwork.

In my opinion such criticisms might be valid if we ignore a high likelihood that UFO intelligence has established a consciousness link at the subconscious level with all experiencers. I am referring to a group much larger than the so called “contactees” and “abductees” that are increasingly refered to by the unifying designation “experiencers.” Perhaps on a worldwide basis every person who has ever had a UFO sighting has a subconscious personal history with flying saucers intelligence.

This translates into tens, perhaps even hundreds of millions of individuals. My educated guess is that with few exceptions there is no such thing as a “random sighting.” This is the result of my UFO investigations spanning over more than two decades. After repeated observations I now accept as fact the tremendous psychic powers of UFO intelligence that allows it to stage encounters with specific individuals at will.

If UFO “central intelligence” can target and interact with experiencers for years, with the subjects having no conscious memories of their encounters, perhaps a sudden interest in UFOs that many flying saucer aficionados demonstrate is a kind of limited remembering of who they truly are. And the sense of mission that contact activists describe after their first sighting might be the unveiling of a previously hidden long-standing relationship with the non-human intelligence responsible for flying saucers.


Thus prime contactees are not “super-humans” who are superior to other contact workers as critics claim is my view. Instead the primes’ apparently unique intimate relationship with non-human intelligence (likely to be ET in nature) is one extreme of a continuum. Standing beside the prime contactees is a large and growing spectrum of experiencers who are increasingly being drawn into the contact drama that is unfolding all around us.

Granted these are radical concepts that go against the current of what is called “conventional wisdom.” When approaching a subject as complex and as important as the UFO phenomenon, I suggest that “thinking outside the box” is the best way to deal with this mystery.

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