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UFO appears in the Gulf of Mexico off of the beach road 11/20/86

Traveling from Galveston Texas to Port Arthur Texas down a closed beach road I observed a red glowing light out in the distance south of me in the Gulf of Mexico I was traveling two of my brothers I asked them if they could see the UFO both said no I continued to scan the horizon for the UFO and didn't see it but when I looked into my rear view mirror there it was hovering behind the trailer I was pulling again I asked my brothers if they could see both said no.

The reason I believe it was a UFO is because the road we took was barricaded and abandoned we had to go around the barricade to enter, on our second trip down this road about 30 ft. past the barricade the the lights and radio went out, there weren't any lights on this for 25-30 miles so I backed up and took the long route home to deliver the furniture we were transporting and just before we entered the city limits the lights and radio came back on. This UFO at first was the size of a basketball and then the size of a softball. I always thought UFOs were large objects but I learned recently that's not always the case. mufon cms# 80205

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