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UFO Aliens The Ultra Terrestrials Video 33116

Strange sightings of UFO lights and bizarre cryptic creatures among us – are they different manifestations of the same source? The enigmatic Visitor phenomenon? 
John Keel pioneered this field aptly named the Ultra Terrestrials almost a generation ago. But to push his theory of superior, yet indigenous, non-human entities slightly further – is it possible these alien encounters are actually interactions with the super advanced representatives of distant Type 4 civilizations? There seems to exist a similarity between various Visitor recollections – from Shadow People to Mothman to Grey Aliens – why do the encounters have so much in common? Why have abductions, and the abductors, share so many similar physical traits as well as methodology? Is it possible that ancient and contemporary records of strange (and often hostile) visitations, are the Type 4 made manifest? 

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