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UFO Alien Saucer illusion

As far as the ET hypothesis goes there is an embarrassment of evidence that UFOs are real, that a corporate/government cover-up has been conducted for decades and that this topic is dealt with at the highest level of security. As part of the cover-up academia, the media and government and corporate officials have been major players in the de facto program of ridicule and denial.

We do know with certainty that saucers are flying around and probably have been doing so for centuries if not for dozens of Millennia. But does the evidence prove without a doubt that their crews are merely physical beings like us except that they come from other planets? I know longer believe this to be the case despite my expressed opinion during the first phase of my journey as a contact activist when I asserted that my level of belief in the ET hypothesis approached certainty.

I take this position of doubt, not because as I imagine that some UFO fans do, in order to wrap their interest in a pseudo scientific mantle of skepticism. I doubt the ET hypothesis in large part because UFO intelligence has in my opinion deliberately shown me how they use their extraordinary psychic powers to create illusion in the service of affecting our belief systems. I know I am treading on dangerous grounds here, but I am of the iconoclastic view that what is called organized religion is based on profound spiritual encounters with a non-human intelligence that is directly related to the UFO phenomenon.

I came to this perspective for the most part after I left CSETI in 1998 under rather unpleasant circumstances and studied the works of the brilliant scientist Dr Jacques Vallee and the experienced paranormal (and "bad boy" of UFOlogy) investigator Mr. John Keel. Their views when combined undermined my faith in the ET hypothesis to the point where I must question who and what this intelligence ultimately is. This agnosticism doesn't blunt my desire to promote contact. I imagine it actually increases my motivation to engage what I like to call TOTENCET. This Otherness That Experiencers Now Call ET "Alien" and is pronounced, "toe ten set. "

I say that if we want to truly comprehend what UFO intelligence is and what their actual relationship with us is, then we must engage them under conditions of world peace based on social justice. Unless there is a radical transformation of the mass consciousness that will allow comprehensive political, social, cultural and ideological reforms then we as a race of beings are far too dangerous to enter into an open relationship with what very well might be ET "Alien" civilizations.

This doesn't mean that contact workers should stop meditating and going out into the field to engage the alleged "Alien" ETs. I am not urging those dedicated to the cause of cosmic peace do what I did as a youth and that was to exclusively organize within the existing peace and social justice movements for their lofty goals and give up actively seeking close encounters. I suggest we contact activists should do both! And we should link our political struggles for peace and justice to the contact network that hopefully will someday be a self-aware social movement in and of itself.

I imagine my role is that of a teacher, or facilitator and I know that whoever those "cute little guys with wrap around eyes" actually are, they have been with me and helping me every step of the way. And to show how I truly feel about this process I will repeat a passionate oath taught to me by a man that I have not spoken to in 18 years. His name is Dr Steven Greer, CSETI Director who said, "Long live the unity of all conscious and intelligent beings in the Universe. One universe, one people!" J. Burkes MD 2016

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