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UFO Alien ET Contact Underground Network what is it?

UNDERGROUND UFO Alien Contact 2016

Contact Underground. What is it?
Joseph Burkes MD 2016

It is the worldwide network of contact workers that are actively engaging the intelligence behind the flying saucer "UFO" phenomenon. Working in groups, we use rudimentary psi techniques to communicate with UFO intelligence in order to stage close encounters in the course of nighttime fieldwork. This effort is based on the assumptions that a non-human intelligence (s?) controlling flying saucers "UFOs" is peaceful and approachable.

The underlying principle driving this effort is a core belief in the primary oneness of all intelligent life in the universe by virtue of our sharing consciousness, that which can be described as being awake and knowing that one is awake. Thus we celebrate the principle of sisterhood and brotherhood made large by extending our sense of unity out into the Cosmos.

Two of most prominent groups doing this work come from the Americas. In 1974 Mission Rama was established in Peru under the leadership of Sixto Paz Wells and many others. In North America Dr. Steven Greer founded the Center for the Study of ET Intelligence (CSETI) in 1990. His “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind Initiative” (CE-5) like Rahma use meditation and thought projection to engage the alleged ETs in a cooperative endeavor.

These two American groups are not the only collectives of contact activists. Unaffiliated teams that have been guided to work under semi-clandestine circumstances are also an important side of the human empowered contact equation.

The ridicule and denial of the flying saucer phenomenon by nearly all terrestrial elites is no accident. This otherness that experiencer's now call ET profoundly threatens the economic, political, military and religious interests of our planet’s ruling classes and this is the rationale behind what has been called the “UFO Truth Embargo.”

What are the pre-conditions for open contact with "UFO" flying saucer intelligence? It is the general consensus within the Contact Underground that a sustainable world peace based on principles of social justice will be required to have cooperative, friendly relations with what are likely extraterrestrials present on and around our planet.

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