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U.S. Army UFO Sightings Documenting The Evidence

Paul Dean managed to find a wealth of Vietnam War-era records related to UFO’s; whatever “UFO” means. In some cases, “UFO” appears to mean “unknown helicopter” or “enemy helicopter”; in some cases, “UFO” is clearly used as a distinct term entirely.

Most of the documents I have found are US Army “Lessons Learned” publications, “Histories” and “Command Chronologies”, “Mission Reports”, “Patrol Logs”, etc.

There are dozens more too. I am making this a two-part Blog series, at least. There are so many references, in so many different records, to “UFOs” that we have never seen before, sometimes at quite high levels of administration”, that I am now sure that there will be hundreds more records that contain overt information that adds to history. Also, these documents are from all four branches of the US military, which is a bit unusual.

I am filing a dozen focused requests to various US commands, fleets, components, whatever, for background records: raw staff messages, fleet alerts, minutes of meetings, etc – all of which are specifically headed, or subject lined, with the term “UFO” or “craft” or “Unidentified Flying Object” in the title or subject lines.

See my Part 1 here:


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