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Two White Shaped UFOs like thin crescent moon reported Rifle CO 6/5/16

UFO Sighting Report 6/5/16: I was driving east on the interstate when I saw movement to the front of me, (northeast) a little left about 11:00, two UFOs shaped like thin crescent moons, exactly the same size and shape, going in and out of the clouds. They were situated the same, with the round part to the side and points up and down. I slowed down and stopped when they were about 11:15 in front and above me. They were bright white and the clouds were grayish. They sky between looked blue. The clouds looked like heavy storm clouds and they had a section of clear sky between them. The UFOs separately went into the upper cloud, then came down and went into the lower cloud. Sometimes they hovered in the clearing but they stayed in the same spot horizontally, just went vertically up and down. The UFOs stayed the same form of skinny crescent moon shape. I saw a plane fly over above the top cloud, going into it a bit and it looked about 1/3 the size of the UFOs, only horizontally lengthwise. The UFOs could have been closer, but the clouds looked huge, like several blocks long, and a few blocks apart, high in the sky so the UFOs weren't too small. At first I thought they might have been cranes or planes or something, but their shape never varied at all. It was like they were stiff objects, going slowly up and down in the clouds and out of them, between them. I often look in the sky and I am drawn to the sky by birds and clouds, but I have never seen a bird or plane that looked like this. I just watched for several minutes and tried to take a picture with my cell phone, but it said it couldn't take a photo. I don't know why, because later it would take a photo when I got home. It was disheartening that I couldn't photo it. I had never seen anything flying and shaped like that before, but I've seen orbs that moved at 90 degree angles and others that just seemed to take a straight line or that went really fast and disappeared. I've never had the good fortune of photographing them. Eventually I started my car and just drove away, looking back in the mirror for quite awhile to see if I could still see them, and I could. They were continuing to move vertically up and down as they had when I was watching them earlier. I thought they must be very large but very thin. I finally quit looking to watch the road ahead of me, but I had seen them probably 20 miles away, because I was looking for them and could still see them. I think I am a very observant person, because driving on the interstate a couple days later, I noticed movement to my right and there was a bear across the river. We stopped and my husband took a photo with my phone. It worked for that! MUFON CMS# 76926 

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